Why do I have to add each member of the School Leadership Team and Literary Leadership Team as users in CIMS?

The field type for these questions, as well as the Who in Steps 5-8 of Problem Solving, changed in 2014-15 from a text box to a drop-down menu, which is populated with all Level 1 and 2 users registered for the school.  This is to acclimate Level 2 users to the user management process in preparation for upcoming project management features that will be incorporated into CIMS, such as automated reminder messages to point persons identified in Problem Solving.  Many times, these point persons are also members of a leadership team within the school so it seemed a logical decision to change the field type of these questions as well.  Note: Once a user is added to the system, their name will appear in all drop-down menus throughout the SIP; they will not need to be added again.

Last Updated: 8/29/2014