Can we modify the target indicators that are available in Step 1b?

The main school improvement contact for each district is able to manage the list of indicators that will appear in their district's school improvement plans by going to the Districts page, clicking on their respective district name from the list of districts, clicking the black Manage Information button at the top-right corner, and then clicking the Manage Targets tab. This tab will display a list of all indicators currently available in CIMS, each with its own check box. If a check mark appears in the box, then that indicator will be included in the list that appears in the school improvement plans for the district; to hide an indicator from that list, simply click the box so a check mark no longer appears.

If you are not the main contact and wish for an indicator to be added, please email your main contact with the request. On the Plan Dashboard for any survey, this person is listed as General under District Contacts. If the indicator is not already available in CIMS, the main contact may request it by submitting an Intercom message or emailing with the description of the indicator(s) being requested, including any definitions or calculations.
Last Updated: 7/15/2015