Are schools on the 2015-16 Differentiated Accountability (DA) list that receive a grade of C or higher in the 2014-15 school grades release excused from the requirements of the DA school checklist (Form DA-1)?

No, they are not excused from fulfilling the requirements of the DA school checklist.

Pursuant to Rule 6A-1.099811(3)(a), Florida Administrative Code, the DA list is established once per year based upon the most recently released school grades. Since the 2015-16 DA list posted in August 2015 was based upon 2013-14 school grades (the most recently available grades at the time), the 2014-15 school grades transition clause in section 1008.34(7)(a), Florida Statutes, (i.e., “hold harmless”) does not apply to this list.

The Florida Department of Education will not make any changes to the 2015-16 DA list based upon 2014-15 school grades. Schools that were on the DA list at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year should continue to follow the requirements of the DA school checklist (Form DA-2) until the end of the school year; likewise, their districts should continue to follow the DA district checklist (Form DA-1). A mid-year reflection is one of the requirements of the checklist.

Note: Pursuant to section 1008.34(7)(a), Florida Statutes, districts with schools identified as “planning” or “implementing” on the 2015-16 DA list may stop planning for or implementing a turnaround plan if the school's official 2014-15 grade improves to a C or higher. 

Last Updated: 6/6/2016