Is there flexibility in the requirement to replace the principal for Transformation, Turnaround and Early Learning?

The Turnaround, Transformation and Early Learning Model interventions require the district to replace the principal who led the implementation site prior to commencement of the intervention. However, the federal regulations allow flexibility if the district is able to demonstrate:
  1. The principal at the site was replaced after the 2013-14 school year as part of a broader reform effort, and
  2. The current principal has the experience and skills needed to implement the SIG plan
USED Guidance emphasizes that this flexibility is not intended to protect the job of that principal, but rather to permit the district to continue a previously implemented intervention aimed at turning around a low-achieving school that included hiring a new principal for that purpose. 

Note: An LEA eligible for services under subpart 1 or 2 of part B of title VI of the ESEA may modify one element of the turnaround or transformation model so long as the modification meets the intent and purpose of the original element.

Last Updated: 12/19/2016