What is the definition of "operational flexibility"?

Operational flexibility is a requirement of the Turnaround, Transformation and Early Learning interventions. USED does not define operational flexibility but requires it to be “sufficient” to implementing the intervention fully and effectively, and provides examples, such as staffing, calendars/time, and budgeting. In determining where to offer flexibility to the school, the district should consider what changes in decision-making policies and mechanisms or in operational practice will be needed for the implementation site to implement the site-level responsibilities of the selected intervention.

Consider engaging stakeholders such as the current leadership team at the intervention site(s), union representation, and/or district staff who provide direct support to the site(s), in determining where additional flexibility would be beneficial.

Citation: Redding, S., Dunn, L., & McCauley, C. (2015). School Improvement Grants: Guidance and tools for the 2015 amended regulations: Maximizing the optional planning/pre-implementation year. San Francisco: WestEd.

Last Updated: 12/19/2016