Are Priority schools given preference over Focus schools in the competition?

A district that has both Priority and Focus schools on the SIG4 eligibility list must include all of its Priority schools, including charters, before any Focus schools.  

For example, if a district is interested in supporting one of its Focus schools, but it has two Priority schools on the eligibility list that are not implementing an intervention aligned to the turnaround principles, the district would need to include its two Priority schools along with the one Focus school, and demonstrate in the proposal that the district has the capacity to serve all three schools in a full and effective implementation. 

Note: A district may exclude one or more of its eligible schools by demonstrating that it is already implementing a SIG intervention (such as restart, EMO, or whole school reform) or an intervention aligned with all of the ESEA flexibility turnaround principles (such as a State Board approved TOP) in that school using funds other than SIG 1003(g). Districts must use Question III.C.3 Excluded Sites in the Intent to Apply as needed to document the rationale for excluding one or more sites.

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Last Updated: 8/10/2016