Can you clarify the differences in the four questions found in Part III.C. Selection Rationale of the SIG4 Intent to Apply?

While there is some overlap in the questions related to the selection rationale, each question requests that the district consider and provide distinct pieces of information.

Question 1
(By what criteria or rubric did you select and determine the district’s capacity to serve the site(s)?)
This question is asking about district capacity, meaning how the district has determined it will be able to support a full and effective implementation of a SIG intervention in all selected sites. A formal rubric or criteria list is not required but may be uploaded in Question 4 if it helps to support the description; otherwise, a description will suffice.

Question 2
(If selecting more than one site, describe why multiple sites are necessary to the district’s learning process.)
This question is applicable only if the district is proposing to serve more than one eligible site. (If not applicable, type N/A in the text field.) Even if the district finds it has the capacity to support a SIG intervention in multiple sites, why does the district find it necessary to do so? A response might include what the district hopes to improve reliably at scale through the implementation of SIG at the selected sites and/or the specific characteristics or circumstances at the sites that together will contribute to the desired learning objectives of the project.

Question 3
(If applicable, what is the district’s rationale for not including one or more eligible sites in the proposal?)
This question is applicable only if the district is not serving all of its eligible sites. (If not applicable, type N/A in the text field.) If choosing to exclude one or more sites, the district should provide a description of why the decision was made. The response may be related to the district’s capacity, or may address other reasons determined by the district, such as school-level data showing an intervention is not needed or because of other initiatives already in place at the site. For more information on the rationale for excluding sites, please see and

Question 4
(Documentation of the selection criteria may be uploaded in the online application, if applicable.)
This question is optional. The district should upload files only as needed to support the responses provided in Questions 1-3.
Last Updated: 8/10/2016