What does it mean for a CID to be “dedicated to studying and supporting the implementation of SIG”?

As a member of the action research PLC, the CID’s primary responsibility will be in support of the following mission:

Through action research we will identify trends that inform replicable and sustainable school improvement in districts and schools throughout the state of Florida.

The beginning stages of action research involve a great deal of observation and documentation. During Year 1, CIDs should be in the SIG-awarded implementation sites a minimum of three (3) days per week in order to attend, observe, and capture events related to school improvement. This may include conducting focus groups and observing activities, such as district and school leadership team meetings, common planning time, student enrichment activities, parental and community engagement events, professional development opportunities, data reviews, instructional reviews, learning walks, and communications regarding SIG to the School Advisory Council. 

Any travel to observe similar activities outside of the school or district must be clearly related to the research project.

It is important that the observation phase remain pure in Year 1, which requires the CID to not take an active role in the implementation of SIG or school improvement activities at the site. As the research project develops in Year 2 and beyond, the work will shift from purely evidence collection to evidence collection and support.

In all years of the grant, the CID’s calendar should be clear for engagement in a weekly phone call with BSI staff and the other CIDs, who form a PLC. It is worth noting that participation in this conference call must take place in a location where the CID is free to share confidential information critical to the research project with the members of the PLC. Additionally, the CID should have time dedicated each week to complete research work that includes writing field notes, data collection and analysis, and literature documentation.

The CID position is supplemental and may not supplant the role of current district administrators. The CID does not carry out any of the following activities: overseeing the grant; supervising or evaluating the work of grantees; making decisions regarding the school plan or assigning work to the school staff; teaching classes, providing professional development, or sponsoring activities; completing deliverables for the district; and writing or approving amendments. 

Last Updated: 12/12/2016