Can we add new goals in Problem Solving for the SIG4 proposal, or must we use only existing goals that were created for the DIAP?

The district may either add new goals or build upon existing goals. Keep in mind, District Problem Solving is a central repository of district goals, barriers, and strategies for school improvement. The district must determine whether to use shared goals across the DIAP and SIG4 proposal, or to have distinct goals for each.

To include a goal in a specific plan or proposal, the respective “tag” must be applied to one or more of its strategies in Step 4. Each strategy may be tagged to the District Improvement and Assistance Plan (DIAP) and/or to a school improvement grant proposal (SIG3 and/or SIG4), which indicates to the system that the accompanying goal should be included in that particular plan and/or proposal. For detailed information on the District Problem Solving module, please review the District Problem Solving How-to Guide located in the Navigation Guides tab of the Toolkit; the tagging feature is described on pages 9-10.

Last Updated: 12/6/2016