If a district covers the cost of the 5Essentials Survey in a SIG4-eligible school in 2017, and is subsequently awarded a SIG 1003(g), is it allowable to use SIG 1003(g) funds to pay for the 5Essentials Survey administration in 2018?

For districts competing for a SIG 1003(g) in Cohort 4, administering the 5Essentials Survey, or comparable survey(s), in 2017 would provide the district with baseline data in anticipation of receiving a SIG 1003(g) award for 2017-18. Using non-federal funds in 2017, and then using SIG 1003(g) funds in 2018 and for the duration of the project period, is allowable if the district can document that the survey would not be administered should SIG 1003(g) or other federal funds be unavailable. Evidence of this intention is necessary to avoid a presumption of supplanting. Districts with specific questions regarding allowable uses of SIG 1003(g) funds should email bsi@fldoe.org.

Last Updated: 12/8/2016