Do all five of the 5Essentials-inspired domains need to be addressed in the SIG4 proposal?

For each implementation site that a district commits to serve, the district must demonstrate through the Needs Assessment Results (Part I:A.) that it has analyzed the needs of the site and the school system, including needs identified by families and the community, in the following five domains, inspired by the 5Essentials Framework: Effective Leadership, Professional Capacity, Ambitious Instruction and Learning, Safe and Supportive Environment, and Family and Community Engagement.

In the Intervention Rationale (Part I:B.3.), the district must summarize how the selected intervention will address the root causes of identified needs in at least three of those domains, one of which must must be Family and Community Engagement.

Then, the district can tag each strategy entered via District Problem Solving to one or more of the domains, which are displayed under Essential Conditions (Part III:C.), to show the alignment between the strategies to be implemented and the identified needs.

Last Updated: 12/19/2016