If a SIG4-eligible school that is on the "Lowest 300 Performing Elementary Schools" list during the SIG4 proposal process comes off the list in a subsequent year, is it allowable for the district to use SIG 1003(g) funds to continue providing an additional hour of reading instruction in that school?

Pursuant to section 1011.62(1)(f), F.S., districts with one or more of the 300 lowest-performing elementary schools based on state reading assessments must use supplemental academic instruction categorical funds, together with the funds provided in the district’s research-based reading instruction allocation and other available funds, to provide an additional hour of intensive reading instruction each day of the entire school year. 

If a SIG4 implementation site that is on the 2016-17 "Lowest 300" list comes off the list for 2017-18, it would be allowable to use non-federal funds in 2016-17, and then SIG 1003(g) funds in 2017-18 and for the duration of the project period, if the district can document that the additional hour would not otherwise be provided in the absence of SIG 1003(g) or other federal funds. Evidence of this intention is necessary to avoid a presumption of supplanting. 

Any changes that are necessary to the district's SIG proposal can be made during the annual renewal process or through a project amendment, depending on the timing of the release of future Low 300 lists. 
Districts with specific questions regarding allowable uses of SIG 1003(g) funds should email bsi@fldoe.org.
Last Updated: 12/14/2016