Is it possible for districts to receive funds for implementation prior to August 1, 2017?

No, project funds for Year 1 will not be issued until August 1, 2017. As a result of lessons learned and district feedback during implementation of prior SIG cohorts, it was determined that an August 1–July 31 grant year would be more advantageous for this program. For example, in prior SIG implementations it created a barrier for districts to have summer program funding split between two fiscal years. Additionally, districts were frequently requesting no-cost extensions during the summer months as they awaited data needed to pay out performance bonuses.

By extending the SIG4 competition to December 29, 2016, the resulting review process for the second cycle of proposals will not conclude until Spring 2017; an August 1 start date allows all SIG4-awarded districts to operate on the same implementation timeline. Districts will be notified as soon as possible of their award status so they can begin planning and pre-implementation activities that do not incur costs prior to the award being issued on August 1. For examples of planning and pre-implementation activities, including some that do not incur costs, please review this FAQ.

Last Updated: 12/19/2016