Browser Compatibility

This web application has been designed using current web development standards to give you a smooth, desktop-like software experience. Older browsers do not support all of these standards, most notably Internet Explorer version 8 or earlier. If you are using Internet Explorer version 8 or earlier, you will not be able to use this application. Problems will range from not being able to see buttons you need to click, to not being able to save your work on some pages. You will need to upgrade to a more current version of Internet Explorer (version 9 or, preferably, 10), or use a different browser, such as Chrome (recommended) or Firefox.

If your computer is running the Windows XP, operating system, note that on this operating system Internet Explorer cannot be upgraded beyond version 8. You will need to use a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Note also that extended support for Windows XP ends in April, 2014. See this link for more information.

Screen Resolution

This web application has been designed for a screen resolution of at least 1280 pixels across If your screen resolution is set to less than 1280 pixels across, you will have to scroll horizontally to see portions of the screen which do not fit. We recommend you set your screen resolution to at least 1280 pixels across, but if you cannot an alternative solution is to press the CTRL key and the minus "-" key at the same time to zoom out the browser window and fit the whole page on the screen. To zoom back in, press the CTRL and the plus "+" key at the same time. To return your screen to normal, press the CTRL and the zero "0" key at the same time. Note that on a Mac you would use the CMD key instead of the CTRL key.

Spell Check

This web application does not include any spell-checking features. Most modern browsers already have this built-in and will highlight potentially misspelled words with a squiggly red underline as you type them. If your browser does not seem to have built-in spell check and this is a feature you desire, you should upgrade to the latest version or use a different browser. Note that Internet Explorer version 9 does not have this feature, while version 10 does.