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0012 - Vocational/Adult/Community Ed.

Principal: Angela Coppock

2019-20 Status
(per MSID File)
School Type and Grades Served
(per MSID File)
Other School
Primary Service Type
(per MSID File)
Adult General Education
2018-19 Title I School No
2018-19 Economically
Disadvantaged (FRL) Rate
(as reported on Survey 3)
[Data Not Available]
2018-19 Minority Rate
(Reported as Non-white
on Survey 2)
[Data Not Available]
2018-19 ESSA Subgroups Represented
(subgroups with 10 or more students)
(subgroups in orange are below the federal threshold)
School Grade 2018-19:
School Grades History






2019-20 School Improvement (SI) Information*
SI Region Northwest
Regional Executive Director Jeff Sewell
Turnaround Option/Cycle
Support Tier NOT IN DA
ESSA Status
* As defined under Rule 6A-1.099811, Florida Administrative Code. For more information, click here.

There Are No Uploaded Documents for This School

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School Page

On the School page, you will see the district’s identification number and name at the top-right corner and the school’s identification number, name, and principal at the top-left corner. The page is comprised of three tabs: Online Plans, Other Documents, and Performance Data. It is worth noting that the Performance Data tab is only available to logged-in users.

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Online Plans

The Online Plans tab provides demographic information and school grades history, and displays a list of any current or past School Improvement Plan (SIP) that was created in CIMS. The color-coded badges next to each SIP indicate its development status in CIMS.

  • Editing – The plan is open to editing.
  • Submitted – The plan has been submitted to the district contact for review and/or approval, and is locked to editing.
  • Reviewing – The plan has been forwarded to another user for review, and is locked to editing.
  • Approved – The plan has been approved by the district contact, but not yet published for public viewing. Publication occurs through an automated process that runs throughout the day.
  • Published – The plan has been approved by the district contact and published for public viewing.
  • Closed – The plan was created for a previous year and has been closed to editing.

If a SIP shows a teal Download button, then the plan was approved by the district for publication and can be viewed by clicking the button. Once the document appears in your browser window, you can print and/or save it to your computer or device.

Other Documents

The Other Documents tab allows you to download current or past Parental Involvement Plans as well as past SIPs. Any SIP available under this tab was created in a previous platform, but later uploaded to CIMS for record keeping. Click the teal Download button next to the desired document to open it.

Performance Data (visible to logged-in users only)

The Performance Data tab links to the Step Zero module, which displays student performance data for your school or for all schools in the state, depending on your user access level.