How do I switch a user from one school to another?

Although school leadership (i.e., Level 2 users) can modify accounts for users already attached to their school, they cannot switch a user from another school to their own. Therefore, a district contact (i.e., Level 4 user) will need to either (1) make the change for the school, or (2) make the user a Level 0 so school leadership can find the account and attach it to their school. Instructions for Level 4 users needing to make these changes can be found in the User Management Guide.

Once a user account is made a Level 0, a Level 2 user for the school can locate the account by navigating to Account > Manage Users and changing the Access Level filter to Level 0. This will display all Level 0 users in the system alphabetically. Scroll down to locate the account that needs to be updated and make the necessary changes. You may also search for an account on the Users page by typing a user name in the User field.
Last Updated: 8/20/2016