What should I do if the plan to monitor fidelity requires selection of more than one person responsible?

Often times when multiple people are assigned to oversee an activity, deadlines are missed because one point person assumed the other point person was handling that aspect of the project, compromising the fidelity of implementation. For this reason, CIMS only allows users to identify one point person from the drop-down menu for each monitoring activity in a district-level application.

However, when creating a district-level plan, there will be instances where multiple people will be monitoring the fidelity of implementation or effectiveness of a strategy (e.g., an activity that is to be monitored locally by the principal of each school in the district). In cases such as these, you may find that it works best to select a main district point person to serve as the "central contact" for that monitoring activity, with the intent that that person would be knowledgeable of and oversee the monitoring being done by the other internally-noted point persons (e.g., school principals).

Last Updated: 6/29/2015