Does CIMS have an end-of-year closeout/reflection tool?

The Reflection module can be used multiple times throughout the year, if desired. For example, a school may wish to complete an end-of-year reflection to close out the year before starting on the next year's School Improvement Plan. To do this, make sure the previously entered Reflection for each goal listed has been been marked Complete and the entire Reflection recorded (by using the green Record button). If the responses have been recorded you will see a date in the Last Recorded column of the Reflection Index page. You will also find a PDF version of the recorded Reflection saved on the plan's Tracking page.

Once recorded to the Tracking page, users may overwrite the responses in the Reflection module without fear of losing the old information. Simply click the View button for each goal and change the green Complete status at the top-right corner back to Editing. Then you may change the responses and toggle back to Complete. After all goals are marked Complete, make sure to click that Record button again so a new PDF is saved to the plan's Tracking page.

A detailed Reflection How-to Guide for Schools is available at and a Reflection How-to Guide for Districts is available at

Last Updated: 5/4/2016