How are "Monitoring Only - Former F" schools determined for the DA list?

As required by Rule 6A-1.099811(5)(d), Florida Administrative Code, the department must monitor the implementation of strategies and progress toward goals outlined in the SIP for three years following a school’s improvement from a grade of “F” to a “C” or higher. Schools are first identified as “Former F” in the school year following the receipt of a grade of “C” or higher, regardless of whether the improvement immediately follows the grade of “F.” For example, schools with a grades history of FC, FDC, and FDDC, would all be identified as Former F, Year 1 in the school year following the improvement to a grade of “C.”

Schools identified as “Former F” are required to use the department's school improvement plan template, Form SIP-1, which is completed online at

Note: A 2015 baseline grade of "F" did not restart the monitoring clock for "Former F" schools, as the grades were issued for informational purposes only.

Last Updated: 8/8/2016