What criteria must we use to determine whether to select or exclude an eligible school as an implementation site in the SIG4 Intent to Apply and Proposal?

The district must select only the implementation site(s) in which the district has the capacity to implement a SIG intervention fully and effectively.

If a district intends to serve one or more Focus schools, it must first serve all of its Priority schools, including charters. See also https://www.floridacims.org/faqs/270

If a district intends to exclude a Priority school, it must demonstrate one of the following rationales in the SIG4 Intent to Apply:

  1. The district is already implementing a SIG intervention model or an intervention aligned with all of the ESEA flexibility turnaround principles in that school using funds other than SIG funds.
  2. The district lacks sufficient capacity to implement an intervention in the Priority school.
  3. For charter Priority schools only, the district has provided an opportunity to the school to participate in the SIG4 proposal, and the charter school has declined.
Note: An LEA might demonstrate that it lacks sufficient capacity to serve one or more of its Priority schools by documenting efforts such as its unsuccessful attempts to recruit a sufficient number of new principals to implement the turnaround or transformation model in that school or the unavailability of CMOs or EMOs willing to restart schools in the LEA. An LEA may not demonstrate that it lacks capacity to serve one or more Priority schools based on its intent to serve Focus schools or the fact that it is currently serving Focus schools. 
Last Updated: 8/10/2016