Does each district need to include the cost of the 5Essentials Survey, or comparable survey(s), in the SIG4 budget? If so, what are the associated costs?

Yes, each district must include the cost of the 5Essentials Survey, or comparable evidence-based survey(s), in their budget for Year 1 and factor the cost into the budget estimates for Years 2-5, unless the survey(s) will be administered districtwide. If administered districtwide, SIG4 funds cannot be used as that would be considered supplanting.

Remember, regardless of the survey instrument(s) being used, feedback must be collected annually from, at a minimum, students in grades 4-12, teachers, and parents.

For districts that will administer the 5Essentials Survey in their implementation site(s), the annual cost will not exceed $1,748 per school. This cost includes preparation, administration, scoring, and reporting. District leaders, principals, and school leadership teams must complete a two-part, online training program, but this will be provided free of charge through the e-Learning section of the CIMS Toolkit.

For any proposed comparable survey, the district must determine the cost and ensure all associated budget lines are included for Year 1 and factored into the estimates for Years 2-5.

Last Updated: 8/26/2016