To earn bonus points for the CID position in the SIG4 proposal, must a district budget for a CID for all 5 years of the grant?

To earn bonus points in SIG, the district must either assure they will hire and fund the salary, benefits, travel, and supplies for one FTE administrator who will serve as continuous improvement director (CID) dedicated to studying and supporting the implementation of SIG throughout the program period, which ends July 31, 2022. The candidate must be recruited and placed early in Year 1, according to the hiring process stated in the CID Position Description. The district must also assure the CID will participate in the Commissioner's Leadership Academy (CLA) with the full intention of becoming a facilitator.

Alternatively, the district may petition for bonus points without hiring a CID by describing how the district is able to fulfill the qualifications and responsibilities of the CID Position Description without using the hiring process or reporting structure described therein, and assure the candidate will be in place early in Year 1. The district must disclose whether the position will have responsibilities additional to those outlined in the position description and describe the reporting structure and, where applicable, supplemental funding sources. The district must also assure the candidate will participate in the CLA with the full intention of becoming a facilitator.

Last Updated: 12/12/2016