Should performance bonuses be factored in to the estimated budget for Year 4 or Year 5?

Performance bonuses should be factored into the Year 4 estimated budget in section IV.B. 

Per Assurance II.A.2.h.4. for Early Learning and Transformation interventions, performance bonuses are intended for “implementation site leaders, teachers, and other staff who, in implementing the selected intervention for three years, have increased student achievement and high school graduation rates.” The three years of implementation referenced here are Year 2 (2017-18), Year 3 (2018-19), and Year 4 (2019-20).  Should the relevant 2019-2020 data (e.g., school grades, VAM) not be available by August 30, 2020, the district would need to request a no-cost extension to expend the Year 4 money allocated to performance bonuses.

Last Updated: 9/7/2016