What is the timeline for submission of turnaround option plans (TOPs)?

Pursuant to Rule 6A-1.099811, F.A.C., the following timeline provides dates of deliverables required in 2017 for districts with schools identified on the 2016-17 DA Support List with a Turnaround Status of Planning (Year 1) or Implementing (Year 2 and 3 only).

  • May 1, 2017: Submit TOP Phase 1 to bsi@fldoe.org. Districts must work with their regional executive director (RED) to review the needs assessment and turnaround options prior to submitting Phase 1.
  • June 5-14, 2017: Complete survey to provide baseline data for subsequent progress monitoring data reviews. More details will be emailed to district contacts in mid-May.
  • Two weeks after 2017 school grades are posted or by July 31, 2017, whichever comes first: Submit TOP Phase 2 to bsi@fldoe.org on behalf of all schools included in Phase 1 that do not improve the school grade in 2017. Note: A TOP Companion Guide is available to support this process. Districts must work with their RED on the development of Phase 2 prior to its final submission.
The above dates and deliverables are subject to change based upon the timing of the 2017 school grades release and requests by the State Board of Education. District contacts will be notified of any changes.
Last Updated: 5/31/2017